INB Wellness Center

Creating happy healthy children that grow into happy healthy adults!

8 elements of wellness that we focus on:

Physical - Developing children with strong flexible bodies that are capable of 

enjoying all the fun ‚Äčactivities that life offers them!

Emotional - Offering children a chance to develop skills in positive self-talk, as well as expressing 

their feelings through creativity, experimentation and free play.

Intellectual - Giving our children opportunities to solve problems, sequence movements, 

understand patterns, and much more!

Social - Teaching children how to effectively interact for relationship building with peers and coaches,

 through engagement and cooperation with classmates.

Communication - Teaching children how to reach out if help is needed, and how to 

convey challenges and feedback effectively to peers, coaches and therapists.

Stress relief - Offering tools to help children deal and release stress through physical activity,

 the enjoyment of well composed music, creation of a calm environment, mindfulness, gratitude, and focus.

Nutrition and hydration - Teaching our children how to properly fuel and hydrate for strong and healthy bodies!

Character and responsibility - Teaching children leadership skills through our student teacher program, employment skills through our staff and faculty assistant program, and how to accept and utilize feedback constructively in both a team and an individual setting.

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